µsmin®Plus is an innovative diosmin formulation derived from hesperidin from bitter orange demonstrating dramatically enhanced absorption and bioavailability compared to micronized diosmin.

Using a proprietary clean technology, µsmin®Plus is in the form of granules that are easily dissolved when ingested.

µsmin®Plus   contains > 80% pure diosmin and 90% total flavonoids and is designed to optimize conversion in the GI tract of diosmin in its bioavailable form.

Diosmin is a naturally occurring flavonoid present in citrus fruits and other plants belonging to the Rutaceae family. It is most commonly from the flavonoid hesperidin found in citrus rinds.

Clinically, diosmin has historically been used for its phlebotonic and vascular protecting actions, as well as its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and lymphatic system activation effects.

Despite the potential health benefits of diosmin, its phenolic nature renders it poorly soluble resulting in poor bioavailability and highly variable absorption in humans following oral administration.

Extremely high doses have been administered and micronized diosmin preparations have been created to address absorption issues, however, bioavailability continues to be an issue with standard and regular micronized diosmins.

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