Enhancing Nutrient Absorption: The Power of MicroActive® and Sucrosomial® Technologies

In the realm of supplements, absorption reigns supreme. After all, the effectiveness of any supplement hinges on how well its nutrients are absorbed by the body.

Enter MicroActive® and Sucrosomial® technologies — two innovative approaches designed to revolutionize nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

MicroActive®: Offering High Bioavailability with Gradual, Sustained Release


MicroActive® harnesses the power of micronization and encapsulation to ensure optimal absorption and sustained release of key ingredients. Take MicroActive CoQ10, for instance. By encapsulating CoQ10 within a complex of two B-cyclodextrin molecules, this technology facilitates both fat-soluble and water-soluble transportation, optimizing absorption throughout the digestive system.

Absorption Performance MicroActive® vs. Oil-Solubilized CoQ10 Softgel

Studies reveal impressive results, with MicroActive Curcumin demonstrating peak uptake at 4 hours and sustained release up to 12 hours, maintaining high plasma levels beyond that. The benefits are clear: superior sustained release, enhanced bioavailability, and uniform absorption across various active ingredients.

Uptake of Curcumin in 10-Subject Study

The benefits of MicroActive®️ ingredients include:

  • Superior sustained release
  • Improved bioavailability
  • Uniform absorption
  • Delivery format flexibility
  • Micronization process compatible with any active ingredient

Sustained Release and Bioavailability

Interested in elevating the bioavailability of your ingredient? Contact our team to explore the possibilities with MicroActive® technology and unlock superior absorption and prolonged release.

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Sucrosomial Minerals: Elevating Absorption and Bioavailability

Sucrosomial® minerals represent a breakthrough in mineral absorption, thanks to a unique technology that encapsulates minerals within a phospholipid membrane. By incorporating sucresters as emulsifiers, this technology enhances solubility, dissolution, and ultimately, absorption of microelements like never before.

Sucrosomial Minerals

Lab and experimental tests underscore the efficacy of Sucrosomial technology, showcasing improvements in absorption, bioavailability, and palatability.

With Sucrosomial Magnesium boasting 50% greater concentration in blood serum levels than magnesium citrate, the benefits are undeniable.

Plasma Concentration of Magnesium levels in Three Groups

Maypro carries a full line of Sucrosomial® minerals.

  • Sucrosomial® Vitamin D3
  • Sucrosomial® Calcium
  • Sucrosomial® Magnesium
  • Sucrosomial® Selenium
  • Sucrosomial® Zinc

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