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Maypro Ventures collaborates with business innovators and research institutions in the nutraceutical industry who want to realize the market potential of their R&D investment.

With our experience and expertise in the nutraceutical space, we help bring great ideas and original products to global markets by providing structural financing, strategic guidance, infrastructure support and more


Our principals are leaders and thinkers in the nutrition industry, bringing a wide-range of knowledge and expertise to our business partnerships.



We actively seek opportunities to invest in projects and products developed by small businesses, existing patent holders, and university research institutions.

Where other venture capital and investment firms lack the experience or interest in the nutraceutical market, we welcome new partnerships with like-minded business professionals and industry researchers, offering our expertise in financing, management, marketing and distribution for nutraceutical products.

  • Merger & acquisition
  • Co-investment opportunities
  • License agreements
  • Agency distribution
  • Strategic partnerships and joint ventures
  • In-house ventures



Maypro Ventures is the in-house investment and corporate development division of Maypro Group. We seek dynamic opportunities to partner with small companies and research institutions in the nutraceutical industry, helping them bring innovative products to global markets through investment, distribution and licensing agreements.


During the first 30 years of its operations, Maypro focused on organic growth, establishing itself as one of the world’s leading sales and marketing organization in the nutritional ingredient segment.

In 2004, the company adopted a long-term strategic plan to achieve accelerate growth through M&A, licensing and corporate development.  This became the mission of Maypro Ventures, highlighted by the following transactions:

  • In its first successful transaction, the group secured a minority investment from Marubeni Corporation, a Global Fortune 150 company with over $70mn in annual revenues.
  • As a part of this financing, Maypro also reincorporated “Quality of Life Labs” as a stand-alone subsidiary focused on the development and marketing of branded dietary supplement finished products under the “Quality of Life” and “QOL Labs” brand names in the retail and healthcare professional channels, respectively.
  • In 2010, Maypro acquired the assets of “Perfect Smile”, a functional oral care company that markets toothpaste and mouthwash products containing a unique patented water-soluble form of CoEnzyme Q10.
  • In 2012, Maypro acquired the assets of Wilke Resources, a distributor of nutritional ingredients including a line of proprietary probiotics, which became a significant part of Maypro’s product portfolio.
  • In 2014, Maypro signed an exclusive technology licensing agreement with Bioactives LLC leading to the successful commercialization of several leading portfolio ingredients using the MicroActive® technology.
  • In 2015, Maypro closed a strategic financing of Good Superfoods, a manufacturer and marketer of nutrition bars, functional chocolate and blended powder products.
  • In 2017, Maypro made a strategic investment in Maysen Life Sciences, a company engaged in commercializing new technology in-licensed from universities with a focus on probiotics and fermented fruits.

To support the whole company’s mission of building bridges around the globe for a healthier world, Maypro Ventures continues its work to drive innovation and bring new opportunities through investments and new partnerships.


At Maypro Ventures, we are strategic long-term investors who seek business partnerships based on the potential for growth, not simply profitability. Our primary objective is to add value to our partnerships through the specific expertise and knowledge we have developed as leaders in the nutraceutical industry.

We prefer a collaborative approach to our relationships. In many of our ventures, the original owners or principals remain actively involved in the evolution of the business. As researchers and scientific entrepreneurs ourselves, we respect the foundational work and leadership our business partners have already established and look to further their groundbreaking innovations for commercial reward.


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