Wholefoods Magazine – Maypro is a USDA Organic Handler Certified

Published May 24, 2024

Maypro Earns USDA Organic Handler Certification

Maypro is now a USDA organic handler, offering expanded services like manufacturer auditing, GMP documentation, and repacking of ingredients.


NutraIngredients USA – NutraIngredients-USA Awards 2024: And the finalists are…

Published May 22, 2024

Nutrangredients-USA 2024 Awards: Finalists Announced, Winners Revealed in July

Nutrangredients-USA reveals 2024 awards finalists, celebrating innovation and excellence in nutrition and supplements. Winners to be announced July 15 at Chicago HQ.


Maypro and HITLAB Unite to Enhance Health with Digital Solutions and Natural Ingredients | HITLAB

Published May 22, 2024

Maypro Launches Digital Solution Initiative

Maypro, a global leader in nutraceutical ingredients, is teaming up with HITLAB to pioneer a new era of wellness powered by digital innovation. This exciting partnership combines Maypro’s expertise in nutraceuticals with HITLAB’s digital health prowess to offer innovative and personalized health-enhancing natural ingredients. 


Maypro® Receives USDA Certification as Organic Handlers

Published May 21, 2024

Maypro Achieves USDA Organic Handler Certification, Expands Organic Product Line

Maypro is now certified as a USDA organic handler, expanding its inventory of organic products to meet growing demand.


WholeFoods Magazine – Research Updates: Athletic Performance, Menstrual Symptoms, Obesity, Skin Health & More

Published April 2, 2024

"Botanical Breakthroughs: Enhancing Performance, Health, and Well-being"

Discover botanicals boosting athletic performance, menstrual relief, heart health, immune response, and obesity management in groundbreaking studies.


Nutrition Industry Executive – Gut-Brain Axis Ingredients Emerge

Published April 1, 2024

"Unlocking the Gut-Brain Connection: Expert Insights and Innovative Ingredients"

Discover how industry experts explore the vital link between gut and brain health, unveiling innovative ingredients and market projections.


WholeFoods Magazine – Natural Products Industry News Briefs: Stratum, RangeMe, & More

Published March 26, 2024

"Driving Industry Evolution: Innovations in Partnerships and Sustainability"

Explore industry advancements: partnerships, expansions, and sustainable commitments shaping the future of food, beverage, and supplement industries.


NutraIngredients USA – Morinaga Bifidobacterium probiotic shows promise for weight management: Study

Published March 22, 2024

"Shrink Fat, Boost Health: The Probiotic Power of B. longum and B. breve Revealed"

Discover how a probiotic blend featuring B. longum BB536 and B. breve MCC1274 remarkably cuts visceral fat and boosts lipid profiles in adults.


Nutrition Insight – Beyond The Headlines: Solabia-BioActor awarded GRAS status by FDA, NutriLeads moves to center BeniCaros

Published March 15, 2024

"Nutrition Innovations Unveiled: From FDA Approvals to Global Expansions"

Discover the latest in nutrition: FDA approves Bonolive, NutriLeads showcases BeniCaros, and Probi expands into Denmark, alongside groundbreaking industry innovations and insightful studies.


Wholefoods Magazine – Maypro Partners with Alps to Provide Quercetin Ingredient

Published March 11, 2024

"Revolutionizing Wellness: EubioQuercetin's Breakthrough Solubility"

Discover EubioQuercetin: the next-gen quercetin, 6,500x more soluble, perfect for healthy aging and gut-brain support, by Maypro and Alps Pharmaceutical.


NutraIngredients USA – Maypro introduces highly bio-available quercetin to U.S.

Published March 11, 2024

"Revolutionizing Wellness: EubioQuercetin's U.S. Launch Offers Unprecedented Anti-Aging Efficacy"

Introducing EubioQuercetin: A groundbreaking, highly soluble quercetin that promises potent anti-aging benefits at significantly lower doses. A U.S. debut by Maypro and Alps Pharmaceutical.


Nutritional Outlook – Maypro introduces EubioQuercetin to North American market

Published March 11, 2024

"Revolutionizing Wellness: EubioQuercetin Unveiled"

Introducing EubioQuercetin: a revolutionary, highly soluble form of quercetin offering unmatched anti-aging benefits at significantly lower doses. A new era in natural health.

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