Alluvia® Purple Tea


A new variety of Camellia sinensis, Alluvia Purple Tea extract was developed by the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya after 25 years of crossbreeding. The tea is cultivated at mountain areas with 1,500 and 2,500 meters above sea level and exposed to strong UV rays from the sun. The young leaves and shoots get their purple color from their anthocyanin content and have antioxidant activity significantly higher than green, oolong, and black teas.* Additionally, Alluvia Purple Tea contains a unique polyphenol, GHG, not found in other tea varieties.

Alluvia Purple Tea has been shown in two small, open-label human clinical studies to[1],[2]:

  • support a healthy weight*
  • play a role in decreasing in BMI, waist size and hip size*
  • help reduce body fat mass* and subcutaneous fat thickness*
  • improve body composition*
  • support collagen production in the dermis*

Alluvia Purple Tea is water-soluble, cost-effective, and neutrally flavored. It is suitable for use in tablets, powders, capsules, and beverages.

Any weight loss journey requires hard work, but it doesn’t need to be difficult. You need a product that works hard for you, healthily and naturally.

Alluvia Purple Tea is derived from a Kenyan purple tea extract. It is farmed free from pesticides and found to contain higher levels of total polyphenols as well as containing a unique kind, called GHG, compared to other teas.

The polyphenols in Alluvia work to inhibit pancreatic lipase, reducing fat absorption and improving fat metabolism. In human clinical trials, it also showed to support healthy weight loss, decrease BMI, reduce body fat mass, and improve overall body composition.

These polyphenols also work to help improve skin health. By inhibiting lipid peroxidation of skin keratinocytes, Alluvia increases collagen in the dermis, improving overall skin comfort and support.

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Animal research and laboratory analysis suggests the polyphenols in Alluvia Purple Tea may work by inhibiting pancreatic lipase activity to help reduce fat absorption and by upregulating the protein expression of CPT to improve fat metabolism.* It also inhibits lipid peroxidation of skin keratinocytes.*


The purple tea leaves and shoots used in Alluvia Purple Tea are grown on a pesticide-free plantation in Kenya and have been tested for residual agricultural chemicals, acute toxicity, and mutagenicity. All tests found it safe. An application for organic certification is currently underway.

Ingested as a tea made from 1.5 grams of tea leaves decocted with 100-200 mL hot water, twice daily for four weeksIngested as one capsule of 100 mg of Alluvia Purple Tea every day for four weeks

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