HydroPeach is a natural ceramide derived from Japanese peaches which helps promote smooth and radiant skin. In a blind double-placebo study, Hydropeach was observed to effectively:

  • Promote water retention in the skin , and the function of permeability layers in the epidermis

  • Help moisten epidermis , reducing the effects of dry and rough skin

  • Support a protective epidermal layer against external stimuli such as pollutants, ultraviolet rays, and bacteria

Hydropeach is a ceramide, a naturally occurring lipid that makes up over 50% of the skin, that provides water retention and healthy function of the epidermal layers. As we age the skin loses ceramides, up to 50% can be lost between age 20 and age 70, but Hydropeach can effectively restore epidermal moisture and can prove an effective treatment for dry and rough skin.


Hydropeach works by naturally increasing levels of ceramide in the body, which helps the
epidermal layer properly function and maintain healthy skin.
Ceramide has a wide variety of naturally beneficial factors. Through oral administration,
peach ceramide was discovered to regulate water retention in the skin and in 20 days found
better skin texture compared to those who did not take it. Peach ceramide also was found to
strengthen skin permeability layers and allow more moisture to be absorbed by the skin.


Hydropeach is derived from Japanese peaches, which have been safely consumed in a
variety of diets for over 3,000 years. A toxicology study found no adverse effects and
confirmed the safety of the ingredient.