Derived from a patented, purified, powdered extract of Apocynum venetum, Venetron® is a new dietary ingredient for sleep and mood support that has great potential to vastly improve health outcomes. Unlike other mood support herbs such as St. John's Wort, Venetron does not affect the CYP3A pathway and is also more potent and therefore requires a lower dose (just 50 mg per day).[1]

Standardized to contain at least 4% hyperoside and isoquercitrin, Venetron has been shown in several placebo-controlled human clinical trials to:

  • Promote a positive outlook*
  • Alleviate occasional stress*
  • Improve sleep quality*

These results confirm the findings of earlier animal research.



Did you know that according to the CDC, nearly one third of people globally suffer from some form of insomnia? This is shocking considering how important a good night’s rest is to your daily stress and anxiety levels. Luckily, there’s Venetron. An ingredient with great mood and stress support clinically proven to improve sleep quality.

Derived from the Rafuma leaf, also known asApocynum venetum,Venetron works by first preventing the degradation of serotonin in the bloodstream throughout the day, which results in increased production of melatonin at night, allowing for better quality sleep all night long.

Venetron has similar mood effects to St. Johns wort,  however without the major side effects. This allows for Venetron to be taken in significantly smaller doses to retrieve the same results. At just 50 mg a day, users who took Venetron saw significant quality increases to sleep, mood, and stress levels.

Working in synergy with GABA, a naturally occurring chemical in the brain that provides a calming effect, Venetron works to alleviate stress markers and allow GABA to be better received by receptors.

A good night’s sleep is right around the corner, with Venetron!





    Venetron is believed to exert its effects in the following ways:

    Reducing secretion of chromogranin A, a stress marker*[2]

    Working in synergy with GABA, whose main function is to calm brain excitation*[3]

    Increasing serotonin levels, thereby boosting mood*[4]


    Venetron is an extract of Apocynum venetum, an herb that has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is also consumed as food and tea. Studies on Apocynum venetum have confirmed its safety.[5],[6] Venetron’s action is based on well-known and safe flavonoid phytocompounds, and it has not demonstrated any significant adverse effects in clinical trials.

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