An organic molecule naturally occurring in the food supply, PQQ is considered by some to be the first new vitamin discovered since 1948. It supports the health of the mitochondria, which generate the energy human cells need to function efficiently.*

MicroPQQ delivers the natural brand of PQQ in a special micronized, sustained-release matrix. Because the PQQ is released over time, it stays in the blood longer — and is therefore active longer — than regular PQQ.  In fact, a comparative human case study showed that MicroPQQ is 2.2x more bioavailable than regular PQQ and delivers 9+ hour sustained release.

Since the degradation of mitochondria is a key contributing factor to physiological aging, MicroPQQ may slow the aging process and increase energy levels.* Scientific research has shown that PQQ:

  • Protects nerve cells*
  • Improves cognitive function*
  • Alleviates occasional stress and sleeplessness*

Double-blind, placebo-controlled human studies have found PQQ improves spatial awareness, short-term memory, and concentration.*

The results of a dissolution study and a pilot clinical study found that MicroPQQ demonstrated:

  • 2.2x greater absorption over standard powdered PQQ
  • 9+ hour, multi-stage release in the stomach and small intestine*




Healthy Aging


    MicroPQQ complexes each PQQ molecule with beta-cyclodextrin, a compound made of starch molecules that slow down PQQ’s rate of dissolution. This increases the residence time of PQQ in the system, delivering 9+ hour sustained release, possibly enhancing its beneficial effects.


    PQQ is a safe, naturally occurring essential nutrient found in foods such as kiwi, green peppers, potatoes, tofu and green tea. It has been the subject of numerous safety studies, including acute toxicity and genotoxicity studies, in both humans and animals.

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