Bilberry is one of the top-selling herbs in the United States, due to its reputation for supporting eye health.* It is also one of the most adulterated. Because real bilberry is not cheap, disreputable ingredient manufacturers cut it with less expensive material, then spike it with anthocyanins from other sources and color it with dye so it passes basic identity and visual inspection tests.

For finished product manufacturers who want a 100% genuine, high-quality, clinically tested bilberry extract, Bilberon® is the answer.

Made by a vertically integrated Japanese phytochemical company, Bilberon® is naturally deep-purple in color and contains a minimum of 36% anthocyanins. It has been the subject of five original published studies — including two human clinical trials showing it alleviates eye fatigue, improves eye dryness, and helps maintain clear, focused vision.* [1], 2






Healthy Aging


    Bilberry extract may improve visual function by promoting the re-composition of rhodopsin, a compound in the retina that responds to light and communicates with the brain.* Bilberry is also a rich source of antioxidant anthocyanins, which may protect the delicate structures of the eye.*


    Bilberries are native to Europe and the British Isles and have been safely consumed as a food there for centuries. The active constituents of bilberries, anthocyanins, also appear in other widely consumed foods such as blackberries, blueberries, cherries, and cranberries. Bilberon™ has been tested in human subjects with no ill effects.

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