Japan’s top-selling immune support ingredient, AHCC is a unique, cultured mushroom mycelia extract that is rich in alpha glucans.* AHCC is manufactured through a patented, extended liquid culturing process that makes its active components different from other mushroom extract products. While most medicinal mushroom extracts have a molecular weight of more than 200,000 daltons, the presence of acylated alpha glucans with a molecular weight of around 5,000 daltons is considered one of the attributes of organic AHCC that provides it with superior absorption and strong clinical efficacy.

Supported by over 30 human clinical studies, AHCC is used in over 1,000 clinics across the globe. Studies on AHCC have been conducted at some of the finest research institutions in the world, including highly regarded Ivy League universities. It is unique, in that it modifies both the innate and adaptive immune response.*






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Human and animal research has demonstrated that AHCC enhances immunity by increasing:

- Cytokine production, including IFN-γ and TNF-α *[1],[2]

- Natural killer (NK) cell activity by 200-300%*[3],[4]

- Macrophage populations by up to 100%*[5]

- Dendritic (DC) cell numbers*[6]

- T cell numbers and activity*[7],[8]


AHCC is extremely safe. Animal and human studies show very low toxic potential in both acute-dose and long-term studies.[9] Additionally, no significant adverse events have been noted in observations of thousands of patients in hospital settings and clinical trials.

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