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NeuroHD™ and NeuroHD™-marine are the first complete histidine dipeptide complex that is commercially available for neuro-cognitive support. Histidine dipeptide (HD) is the collective term of two naturally occurring dipeptides, carnosine and anserine. Carnosine and anserine are well-researched for guarding against neuro-inflammation, anti-aging, scavenging of reactive oxygen species and neutralizing advanced glycation endproducts.

In addition to the well-known potentials such as improving insulin resistance in diabetics, social-cognitive improvement in Autistic children, protecting cells against oxidation damage, NeuroHD™ has received specific clinical research by prestigious academic teams in Japan and in Europe for

  • Prevention of DNA damage.

  • Improving physical capacity and cognitive performance in the elderly.

  • Preserving frontal brain blood flow in people carrying the ApoE e4 gene.

NeuroHD is best suitable for beverage application and is available in carnosine-anserine complex version or as NeuroHD-marine, which is anserine only.




NeuroHD™ helps preserve neurovascular function and improvescognitive function by protecting brain cells from DNA damage caused bysub-types of reactive oxygen species (ROS). Prevention of pericytesdegeneration and astrocyte inflammation, specifically, has been confirmed aspossible mechanisms.


Both carnosine and anserine are naturally present in animalmuscles, which are consumed by humans as food. NeuroHD is aminimally-processed, all natural product with no chemical alteration of thehistidine dipeptides. in addition, both animal and human studies have showed noevidence of adverse effects.

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