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KT-11™ Achieves Independent Panel GRAS Status

A GRAS Independent Conclusion Expert Panel convened by Seattle, WA-based AIMBR Life Sciences recently announced its determination that KT-11™, a postbiotic heat-sterilized strain of Lactobacillus crispatus, is Generally Recognized As Safe.

A rod-shaped species of lactic-acid bacteria, various strains of L. crispatus have been found to support health, yet its numbers are known to decrease as we age.

KT-11 GRAS Status

KT-11 research has shown that a postbiotic is significantly easy to store, and both stable and suitable for varieties of delivery forms that are not possible with live bacteria.

Studies have shown that KT-11 naturally aids periodontal health, in addition to other areas, including immunity.*

“KT-11 is particularly exciting for periodontal health,”* said Denis Alimonti, Director of U.S. Nutrition at Maypro. “The unmatched stability and impressive efficacy of KT-11 really sets this ingredient apart in a crowded postbiotic marketplace and gives formulators of periodontal health products an immunobiotic with strong clinical substantiation—something we see lacking in the current market.”


In a recent study published in the journal Beneficial Microbes, 16 healthy subjects with periodontal dysbiosis were randomized to either receive KT-11 or a placebo for four weeks (1).

The results showed that the KT-11 recipients were able to achieve markers of significantly healthier periodontal health than the placebo recipients.*

Test subjects saw improvements in plaque score, reddish tinge score, swell score, and a dramatic reduction in the presence of P. gingivalis.*

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According to the International Esports Federation, eSports has exploded in popularity in recent years, with millions of viewers watching professional gamers compete in high-stakes tournaments (2).

In fact, the industry is expected to reach $1.5 billion in revenue in 2023, with major companies like Coca-Cola, Red Bull and Intel investing heavily in beverages and technology for gamers.

Popularity aside, it is known that the LED and blue light from games increase the production of reactive oxygen species that can cause eye fatigue, blurry vision and dry eye. In addition, the squinting and hunching associated with gaming can cause associated stiff neck and shoulders.

Enter: Bilberon®.

Bilberon is a DNA-authenticated north European bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) extract that is standardized to high anthocyanin content (>36%), a natural antioxidant.

The naturally occurring anthocyanins in bilberry are the main drivers of Bilberon’s ability to improve focused vision for gaming, reduce eye fatigue, relieve eye dryness plus alleviate neck and shoulder pain.*

In two published clinical studies in Japanese Pharmacology & Therapeutics, one from 2016 (3) and one from 2017 (4), healthy adults with eye fatigue received either 120 or 160 mg a day of Bilberon for six weeks.

In both studies, there were improvements in eye fatigue, eye dryness and eye focus.* In the 2017 study, however, the scientists found that those who received the Bilberon ingredient also experienced improvements in neck and shoulder stiffness.*

For manufacturers developing eSports or general vision-support supplements who want a clinically proven ingredient, Bilberon is the answer.

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Bilberon Status

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