PQQ — the first new vitamin discovered since 1948 — supports the health and proliferation of mitochondria.
Because the break-down of mitochondria is a key contributing factor to physiological aging in humans, clinical studies suggest that anti-aging PQQ can:
· Improve cognitive function*
· Protect nerve cells*
· Increase energy levels*
· Alleviate occasional stress and sleeplessness*

Double-blind, placebo-controlled human studies have found PQQ improves spatial awareness, short-term memory and concentration. *
BioPQQ has been used in all of the human clinical studies on PQQ published to date and is the only natural NDI-accepted PQQ on the market.
In 2013, BioPQQ won the Engredea Editors’ Choice Award for Ingredient with the Best Science.
BioPQQ is also dairy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO.

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We know that chronic and acute stress negatively impacts cognition, including memory and reasoning. Research has shown that our ingredient ETAS® — a special, enzyme-treated ingredient derived from the tough lower portion of asparagus stalks — can help with both.*

In a study, participants who took 300 mg of ETAS daily for three weeks had three times the levels of heat shock protein HSP70 released, which is important since HSP protects our cells from stress-caused damage. Other research found stress response improvements in the autonomic nervous system in people who took ETAS.*

Getting enough sleep is vital for optimal cognitive functioning, too. Healthy males who took ETAS showed an 80 percent reduction in cortisol levels and 2.5 times less expression of the psychological stress marker, chromogranin A, leading to better sleep.*

In addition to research showing ETAS’ effects on mood and energy, cellular studies have shown that ETAS can significantly reduce brain cell death caused by beta amyloid plaque.*

ETAS is dairy-free, Kosher, Self-Affirmed GRAS and Non-GMO.

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Native to India and the surrounding regions, the moringa tree has long been valued for its many medicinal qualities. Moringa is extremely nutrient-dense, rich in protein, beta carotene and vitamins E, K, C, B2 and B6. Traditionally used to restore iron levels, moringa is an excellent source of many minerals too, including iron, magnesium, calcium, manganese and potassium.


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