Is "Coronasomnia" a thing? How To Stress Less and Sleep More

Researchers from the University of California-Davis are calling pandemic-related sleep issues “coronasommnia.”

They’re basing this on a recent study that was published in the journal Sleep (2) which suggests that COVID-19 may be causing a “second pandemic” of insomnia due to stress.

So it’s no surprise that natural support for sleep and stress would be welcome news for manufacturers that are developing products to help consumers during these challenging times.

Could Sirtmax Be The Anti-Aging Game-Changer Your Formula Needs?

Whenever the weather is hot and more revealing clothes become the best option, consumers begin to think about getting healthier, slimming down and getting more selfie-ready.

And that’s where Maypro’s Sirtmax® can help.

Is "Mask-Breath" a Thing?

While this specific way of discovering bad breath will, fortunately, soon be a thing of the past, we all know that whiff we get sometimes after we put on our mask and say, “Wait, is that me?,” as we breathe in and out.

Or that look we get when we lean in to tell a family member something, and they back away!

It could mean we have “mask-breath,” and who
wants that?

Morinaga - B3

A healthy gut is essential for a healthy life, and Morinaga-B3 is the perfect companion. By utilizing Bifidobacterium, a naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in humans, Morinaga B-3 has the power to promote various aspects of a robust metabolic system.

"A" is for AppleActiv DAPP

AppleActiv DAPP is farmed from 100% organic apple skins to provide significant digestive system support through a polyphenol rich blend of antioxidants, flavonoids, quercetin, triterpenoids, vitamins, and minerals.

Consumers Zoning Out With Online Classes These Days?