Published: March 18, 2024

Maypro Ventures

Veteran Executive Dan Lifton to Head Up the Accelerator as Managing Partner

Purchase (NY): Owners of Maypro Group announced the establishment of Maypro Ventures - a business accelerator focused on helping companies commercialize novel nutraceutical ingredients in the North American market.

“Over the years, Maypro had to pass on a lot of promising ingredients due to gaps that we believed would preclude their success,” said Dan Lifton, the Founder and Managing Partner of Maypro Ventures. “We’ve now created a formal structure that allows us to work with developers of these ingredients to fill the gaps and bridge them to successful commercialization.”

The Accelerator will provide strategy, marketing, R&D, IP, legal, regulatory, business development, and capital raising resources to a select group of participating partners. Companies are expected to stay in the program for 3-12 months with the goal of getting their products launched within that period. The Accelerator will draw on the synergies with Maypro Group and its various partners and service providers in North America.

Maypro Ventures’ business model was inspired by technology accelerator programs that initially sprung up in Silicon Valley and spread throughout the world. While typical accelerators focus on helping scale the growth of whole companies, typically start-ups, the Maypro Ventures’ Accelerator will specialize in scaling specific ingredients which are often produced by well-established corporates outside of North America or by R&D-focused companies in the region that have limited resources to scale their products.

The company will be managed by Dan Lifton, a Maypro Group veteran of 18 years. In his previous positions, Dan launched and ran Maypro’s “Proprietary and Branded Ingredients” division and the Quality of Life Labs branded finished product business as CEO. Maypro Ventures will operate with the support of an independent advisory board consisting of proven industry innovators, who will help source new opportunities, evaluate potential projects, and help commercialize the firm’s product pipeline.

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