Published: March 15, 2024

Nutrition Insight

In recent nutrition and business developments, the FDA has awarded GRAS status to Solabia-BioActor's Bonolive, a bone-stimulating, menopause symptom-reducing olive extract. NutriLeads revamped its website to highlight BeniCaros, a prebiotic aiming to meet growing demands for gut and immune health. Probi is extending its Nordic presence into Denmark through a partnership with Matas, leveraging its brand in the dietary supplement market. Additionally, innovations and expansions across the nutraceutical industry include Maypro's European venture, Natures Crops' pet nutrition advancements, Axichem's fitness-focused supplements, Bizz Energy's health-centric energy drink, and Bioriginal's sustainable omega-3 line. Scientific studies emphasize the nutritional value of meat and the impact of home food availability on children's diets.


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