Proprietary & Branded Ingredients

AHCC® Cultured mushroom mycelia extract
Alluvia® Purple Tea A new variety of Camellia sinensis
AmealPeptide® Patented casein hydrolysate
AppleActiv DAPP® Dried Apple Peel Powder, apple peel
Bilberon® Anthocyanin-rich bilberry extract
Cannabid-ALL™ CBDA Complete Spectrum Hemp Extract
Champex® Patented Champignon Mushroom Extract
Chitoglucan® Patented bioactive component of the edible enokitake mushroom
ETAS® Proprietary extract of Asparagus officinalis
Excelery® Celery seed extract
Florabella® Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Extract
Juvecol® Proprietary Salmon Cartilage Extract
KT-11™ Heat-sterilized, proprietary strain of Lactobacillus crispatus
L-92® Patented Sterilized Lactic Acid Bacteria
MBP® Patented bone resorption inhibitor
Mesoporosil® Enhanced solid form of silicium.
MicroActive® CoQ10 24 Hour Sustained Release
MicroActive® Curcumin 12 Hour Sustained Release
MicroActive® L-Citrulline Nitric oxide
MicroActive® Melatonin 7-Hour Sustained Release
MicroActive® Oligonol® 12-hour Sustained Release
MicroActive® Resveratrol Antioxidant polyphenol
MicroPQQ® Sustained release pyrroloquinoline quinone
Morinaga B-3™ Bifidobacterium breve
Morinaga BB536 Bifidobacterium longum
Morinaga M-16V Bifidobacterium breve
Morinaga M-63 Morinaga M-63
Nutiani HN001™ Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus
Nutiani HN019™ Bifidobacterium lactis
Oligonol® Low-molecular-weight polyphenolic extract
RealOrganic™ Curcumin Organic Curcumin longa with ethanol extraction
Rednite® with bioactive anti-oxidants
Sirtmax® Rhizome of black turmeric (Kaempferia parviflora)
Sucrosomial® Magnesium A Source of Magnesium Oxide with Superior Bioavailability
VasoDrive-AP® Tripeptide
Venetron® Venetron
Virilast® Made from seven Ayurvedic herbs