At the Very Heart of Circulatory Health

In addition, more and more consumers are trying to boost their levels of physical activity. But being more active places more demands on the cardiovascular system.  

Fortunately, helping healthy blood circulation stay healthy is where AmealPeptide® comes in.

 AmealPeptide is a clinically tested, proprietary ingredient derived from casein. Produced through a patented fermentation and enzymatic process that releases two key tripeptides, Valyl-Prolyl-Proline (VPP) and Isoleucyl-Prolyl-Proline (IPP), AmealPeptide provides VPP and IPP in concentrations not practical to achieve through the consumption of dairy products.

Backed by more than 30 published studies — including over a dozen double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials — AmealPeptide helps maintain both systolic and diastolic blood pressure already within healthy limits and promotes arterial elasticity.*

  • ​Helps maintain blood pressure already within a healthy range, including both systolic and diastolic blood pressure.*
  • Supports arterial flexibility, enhancing blood circulation throughout the body.*

AmealPeptide has also been shown, in research, to beneficially modulate an enzyme that causes blood vessels to constrict, angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE). *

Inhibiting ACE or blocking the angiotensin II receptor may also support healthy blood flow to skeletal muscles. And blocking the angiotensin II receptor may also protect muscle cells against reactive oxygen species (ROS)-caused deterioration.

Sports science is pointing to the ACE gene as one that positively influences physical performance. More specifically, proper ACE signaling may boost endurance and strength gains.

AmealPeptide is FDA GRAS-approved for inclusion in food, beverages and dietary supplements in the U.S. It is also gluten-free, Kosher, Halal and non-GMO. 

And while it is made from milk protein, the lactose levels in AmealPeptide are undetectable (under 0.05%), so it is deemed safe for those with lactose intolerance.

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What is Spirulina? 

Spirulina is classified as a superfood made up of blue-green algae known as cyanobacteria and is a popular food source cultivated worldwide. In fact, Spirulina is among one of the oldest life forms on earth and was utilized by the Ancient Aztecs. Given that, this high-nutrient material is a commonly used source of vegan protein consisting of more protein than typical servings of beef and chicken! 

Notably, Spirulina contains powerful vitamins, minerals, phycocyanins (antioxidants), essential and non-essential amino acids, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), and chlorophyll. Therefore, Spirulina is the go-to ingredient used in a wide range of products ranging from capsules, tablets, powders, bars, as well as food and beverages. 


What are the Benefits? 

Spirulina is known for its various health benefits like boosting energy, antihistamines, endurance, and general immune and digestive support. Due to detoxification and cleansing properties, Spirulina can help balance the body’s PH, as well as rid the body of toxins that could potentially cause other health related issues*. Moreover, this material can help provide aid for common health problems like high cholesterol, weight management, hypertension, malnutrition and allergies.*

In general, Spirulina is a worthwhile material for managing and enhancing long-term mental, emotional and overall health*. For this reason, Spirulina has been recommended to a wide-range audience.  


How can you ensure you get quality Spirulina?

While, there are many different options and forms of Spirulina on the market it is imperative to get the right one to gain the health benefits. As with any other supplement, it is crucial to examine the source of the material and ensure they are trusted. With this in mind, Maypro is known as a leading supplier of quality nutraceutical ingredients to guarantee our customers are consistently satisfied. Maypro offers and specializes in both organic and conventional grades of Spirulina to help improve the health and happiness of our customers.

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