Organic MCT (medium chain triglycerides) coconut oil, is a mild tasting oil naturally sourced from 100% pure coconut. It is an excellent source of the most unique and nourishing fats in the world. MCTs are metabolized in the liver and absorbed quickly and directly into the bloodstream providing an instant energy source and nootropic benefits that support brain health. They do not require any energy to be absorbed, used, or stored in the body.

A concentrated MCT oil is a better source of fatty acids like capric and caprylic acid that help the body make energy. MCT oil is one of the most efficient producers of ketones, an alternative form of energy to glucose. Ketones energize the body without raising blood sugar or insulin levels.

MCTs are an ideal source of instant, clean, slow burning, ketogenic energy, nourishing each hard-working cell and providing vitality for the whole body. Additionally, MCTs promote weight loss, enhance exercise performance, reduce cholesterol, and support heart health.

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