Consumers have been stuck at home for months now. While they may be mastering the art of the remote, their bones and joints are not happy.

All kidding aside, being a “couch-potato” can cause weight gain, increased joint stiffness and reduced range of motion.


AppleActiv DAPP® (Dried Apple Peel Powder) delivers the anti-aging phytonutrients (and fiber) of apple peels in an easy-to-blend dry powder.

In fact, the peel is the most nutritious part of the apple — and apple peel has been shown to contain up to six times the polyphenols (including flavonoids) of apple flesh, giving it significant antioxidant activity.

In addition, AppleActiv DAPP has been shown, through original in vitro research, to scavenge free-radical species and improve the balance of cytokines.*

As a result of these two actions, it may protect the body against oxidative stress and promote healthy aging.*


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Many of us begin noticing a decrease in our collagen production around the age of 30 when our skin begins to lose elasticity, our joints begin to ache, our digestion starts to suffer, and we get sick more often throughout the year. This is because collagen makes up to approximately 30% of the proteins within our bodies and thus it is a crucial component of our connective tissues, cartilage, bone and skin. Without proper collagen supplementation, it becomes more difficult to combat the signs of aging like osteoporosis, indigestion, arthritis, skin dehydration, and even compromised immunity!


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