Enhance Your Men's Health Products with Virilast!

That’s why Maypro is especially proud to offer Virilast®, a clinically tested, patented once-daily-dose composition that’s formulated from seven anti-aging Ayurvedic botanicals and substances

Melatonin, often referred to as the sleep hormone, is naturally produced by the pineal gland. Melatonin's production is vital for the brain to regulate signals to the rest of the body to decipher between night and day cycles.

RealOrganic Curcumin

Turmeric a flowering plant of the ginger family native to Southeast Asia, has been used for centuries and has many scientifically proven health benefits. It’s natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties may help prevent and treat conditions such as pain, diabetes, heart disease, depression and skin disorders. Curcumin may Inhibit inflammatory factors like NF-kappa B protein molecule and promote health immune system functio


Consumers have been stuck at home for months now. While they may be mastering the art of the remote, their bones and joints are not happy.

All kidding aside, being a “couch-potato” can cause weight gain, increased joint stiffness and reduced range of motion.

MicroActive Ingredients - Why Small Size can Mean Big Absorption

MicroActive® ingredients are micronized and encapsulated to uniformly improve absorption and provide sustained-release.

Kiwi Seed Extract

Kiwi Seed Extract is derived from the seeds of the kiwi fruit (Actinidia chinensis), native to central and southern China where it has been used medicinally for centuries, now grown widely across Asia and Oceania. 

"A" is for AppleActiv DAPP

AppleActiv DAPP is farmed from 100% organic apple skins to provide significant digestive system support through a polyphenol rich blend of antioxidants, flavonoids, quercetin, triterpenoids, vitamins, and minerals.