LAC-Shield Post Biotic Immune Defense

The term “post-biotics” refers to non-viable probiotics or inactivated probiotics that provide benefits to the host.

Several studies have shown statistically significant results indicating that oral intake of heat-killed probiotics can have powerful immune-supportive effects.

LAC-Shield™, a strain of heat-sterilized Lactobacillus paracasei, was selected among thousands of cultures as a promising immuno-stimulator. In fact, LAC-Shield greatly surpasses many other lactic-acid bacteria in immune activity.*

Mechanism of Action

This highly stable, heat and pH-tolerant postbiotic works by

  • Acting on the immunocytes in the small intestine Peyer’s patch to produce immunologically active proteins.*
  • Stimulating promoter cells to produce antibodies, such as IL-12, thereby supporting gut health and immunity.*

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A recent placebo-controlled human clinical study of 241 participants[1] followed subjects for 12 weeks in the winter season. The results show that LAC-Shield:

  • Significantly reduces the incidence, duration, and severity of common cold symptoms*
  • Helps to maintain a positive mood state, even under stressful conditions*

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