Turmeric a flowering plant of the ginger family native to Southeast Asia, has been used for centuries and has many scientifically proven health benefits. Its natural anti-oxidant properties may help address pain, blood glucose irregularities, cardiovascular health, skin health and mood support. Curcumin may also inhibit the NF-kappa B protein molecule and promote health immune system functions.


The organic turmeric used for the production of RealOrganic™ Curcumin is grown without using Class 1 or Class 2 solvents, artificial pesticides and herbicides or sodium nitrate, It is grown using biological pest control measures and natural weed control measures such as rotation of crops and only natural fertilizers such as green manure or compost. Only ethanol is used in the extraction and isolation of RealOrganic™ Curcumin.


The advantages of using RealOrganic™ Curcumin are many. Conventional curcumin on the market may be adulterated or isolated using the following harmful solvents:

Dichloroethane, a Class 1 banned solvent is toxic and a known human carcinogen. Contamination of curcumin extracts or curcumin products with such a solvent can lead to many potential health effects such as central nervous system disorders, adverse liver, kidney and lung issues, and heart failure.
Class 2 solvents such as hexane and dichloromethane (neurotoxins and carcinogens), It is not uncommon to find residues of dichloroethane with conventional curcumin often well above USP Specifications.


A combination of Class 3 solvents such as ethyl acetate, acetone and isopropanol often at much higher levels than the USP specifications, While Class 3 have low toxic potential, higher residual levels may result in chronic exposure above the permitted daily exposure levels and may cause adverse health effects.


Different lots of curcumin obtained from the same supplier will often contain varying levels of residual solvents.