Bad breath, or halitosis, is in many ways a symptom of modern times, as it can be a signal that the body needs some sort of spring cleaning due to all of the toxic chemicals that wind up sneaking their way inside us via food, air, and everyday environmental exposure.

Champex is derived from champignon mushrooms, a genus that includes white button mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, and portabello mushrooms, which are all widely consumed as food.

Is "Mask-Breath" a Thing?

While this specific way of discovering bad breath will, fortunately, soon be a thing of the past, we all know that whiff we get sometimes after we put on our mask and say, “Wait, is that me?,” as we breathe in and out.

Or that look we get when we lean in to tell a family member something, and they back away!

It could mean we have “mask-breath,” and who
wants that?