While this specific way of discovering bad breath will, fortunately, soon be a thing of the past, we all know that whiff we get sometimes after we put on our mask and say, “Wait, is that me?,” as we breathe in and out.

Or that look we get when we lean in to tell a family member something, and they back away!

It could mean we have “mask-breath,” and who
wants that?


Fortunately, Champex® may be just the breath of fresh “air” that our end-user customers are looking for.


Bad breath, or halitosis, is in many ways a symptom of modern times, as it can be a signal that the body needs some sort of spring cleaning due to all of the toxic chemicals that wind up sneaking their way inside us via food, air and everyday environmental exposure.


Champex is derived from champignon mushrooms, a genus that includes white button mushrooms, cremini mushrooms and portabello mushrooms, which are all widely consumed as a food.


This extract suppresses odor compounds in the breath via methanethiol and allylthiol reactions with the phenols of the mushroom.* It also improves intestinal flora (increasing levels of Bifidobacteria and decreasing quantities of putrefactive bacteria).*


Finally, Champex helps neutralize or capture certain toxic and odor-causing substances — such as ammonia, indoles, mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide and amines — from the intestines and the blood.*


And the great thing is that 400 mg of Champex daily has been shown, in a human intervention trial with 10 subjects aged 50–80 years of age, to enhance NK (natural killer) cell activity while, at the same time, reducing blood ammonia levels, which provides further confirmation of its odor-reducing effects.


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Elderberry (Sambucus nigra), a flowering shrub bearing dark purple berries is native to Europe and North America and has a rich history of use throughout the world. It has been used for centuries for its many health benefits and is a well-known folk remedy reputed for supporting the immune system.


Elderberry is naturally rich in Vitamin C, anthocyanins, flavonoids, phenolic acids and fiber and has been found to reduce hemagglutinin, which can inhibit a virus’ capability to replicate and spread.  


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