Bad breath, or halitosis, is in many ways a symptom of modern times, as it can be a signal that the body needs some sort of spring cleaning due to all of the toxic chemicals that wind up sneaking their way inside us via food, air, and everyday environmental exposure.


Champex is derived from champignon mushrooms, a genus that includes white button mushrooms, cremini mushrooms, and portabello mushrooms, which are all widely consumed as food.

This extract suppresses odor compounds in the breath via methanethiol and allyl thiol reactions with the phenols of the mushroom.* It also improves intestinal flora (increasing levels of Bifidobacteria and decreasing quantities of putrefactive bacteria).*

Finally, Champex helps neutralize or capture certain toxic and odor-causing substances — such as ammonia, indoles, mercaptan, hydrogen sulfide and amines — from the intestines and the blood.*

And the great thing is that 400 mg of Champex daily has been shown, in a human intervention trial with 10 subjects aged 50–80 years of age, to enhance NK (Natural Killer) cell activity while, at the same time, reducing blood ammonia levels, which provides further confirmation of its odor-reducing effects.

However, Champex not only combats harsh odors, but it also provides a powerful boost to the immune system.

As mentioned, Champex was found to increase Natural Killer (NK) cell activation. Low levels of NK greatly increase the risk of cancer, however, Champex will increase NK cell activation which is important to the immune cell defense against malignant cells and cells developing viruses, bacteria, or protozoa.

This ingredient also helps maintain higher levels of bifidobacteria in the lower intestine. Rising levels of bifidobacteria in the body help produce crucial protective effects against multiple cancers, immune suppression, and poor bowel function.

Finally, Champex has also shown to vastly improve kidney health. In multiple cases of renal failure and reduced kidney function, Champex was used instead of the typical protein restriction and was found to greatly reduce the levels of serum creatinine (A clinical measure of the progress of renal failure) and helped showed significant clinical improvement.

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