Venetron®: New Research Shows Benefits to Women’s Health
Venetron®: A Powerful Ingredient for Women’s Health And More

Derived from a patented, purified and powdered extract of Apocynum venetum L., Venetron® is a unique standardized rafuma leaf extract containing no less than 2% hyperoside and no less than 2% isoquercitrin that provides unique benefits for women’s health.

In fact, Venetron® has been shown in several placebo-controlled human clinical trials to support a positive outlook, alleviate stress, improve sleep quality, and reduce premenstrual and menstrual complaints.*

In addition, a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group comparison study was just published in the journal Japanese Pharmacology & Therapeutics that looked at 42 healthy Japanese women randomly assigned to receive either Venetron® (50 mg) or a placebo daily for one menstrual cycle.

MDQ Results

Women who received Venetron® reported significant improvements in symptoms described in a Menstrual Distress Questionnaire. Areas of reported improvement included autonomic reactions, concentration and behavioral changes before menstruation, as well as pain, concentration and control during menstruation.*

In addition, women who received Venetron® showed significant improvement in the initiation and maintenance of sleep.*

The following differentiators support formulation with Venetron® over other women’s health ingredients:

  • Abundant evidence: Seven clinical trials, including one on safety
  • Cost-effective low dosage of 50 mg per day
  • Delivery format versatility
  • Transparent sourcing
  • Transparent sourcing and sustainable practices ensuring long-term reliability


In a survey conducted by a Japanese think tank, Venetron® ranked first in perceptual experience, surpassing other mood support ingredients. In that survey, approximately 80% of consumers reported superior satisfaction, demonstrating a 3.5 times higher satisfaction rate compared to other ingredients.

Unlike other mood support herbs, such as St. John’s wort, Venetron® does not affect the CYP3A pathway or P-glycoprotein, ensuring safe use. Venetron® has attained self-affirmed GRAS status.

Additionally, Venetron® is also available as water-soluble Venetron®-W, making this low-dose ingredient an attractive candidate for manufacturers looking to develop products in a wide variety of formats such as tablets, capsules, gels, gummies, chocolates and beverages.

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This ingredient is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.