Weight Loss Ingredients That Deliver Real Results
Weight Loss Ingredients That Deliver Real Results

As surprising as it might seem, 80 to 95% of diets fail¹ ² and, by mid-February, 80% of New Year’s dieters will have dropped their weight-loss resolutions.³

Grand View Research projects the global weight-loss supplements market will expand by 16.6% through 2028 and manufacturers have a strong opportunity to offer effective, science-backed products for weight-loss and body composition.

To develop superior weight loss support products, you need ingredients backed by human clinical studies. That’s where Maypro’s nutraceuticals such as Alluvia® Purple Tea Extract, Chitoglucan®, Morinaga B-3™ and Oligonol® step in.

Alluvia® Purple Tea

Alluvia® Purple Tea is an extract of purple tea containing high levels of polyphenols including a unique compound called GHG®, that is naturally cultivated by the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya and extracted in Japan.

Two open-label human clinical studies showed that Alluvia® Purple Tea may:

  • Support weight loss*
  • Decrease BMI, waist size and hip size*
  • Support healthy blood glucose in a healthy range*
  • Reduce body fat mass* and subcutaneous fat thickness*
  • Improve body composition*


In the same human clinical trials, participants experienced an increase in collagen and moisture content in the cheeks while oil content in the forehead was reduced.

Alluvia® Purple Tea has been proven safe in multiple human clinical trials and is suitable for many applications including tablets, powder, capsules, and beverage applications.

Alluvia® Purple Tea is ideally suited for weight support, beauty & skin support, and sports performance.

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Chitoglucan® is a patented enokitake mushroom extract obtained through hot water extraction of the fruiting body, followed by alkali treatment of the extracted liquid. The resulting extract is a unique complex of chitosan, beta glucans, fatty acids, fiber, and glyconjugates.

Chitoglucan® is clinically proven to have the following effects:

  • Reduces body weight and BMI*
  • Reduces body fat and visceral (abdominal) fat*
  • Shrinks waist circumference*
  • Help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels already within a healthy range*

Supported by thirteen human studies, it has been proven to help reduce overall body weight and fat accumulation. By inhibiting fat absorption in the digestive tract and decomposing body fat accumulated in the fat cells in body fat tissues, Chitoglucan® is clinically proven to promote weight loss and trim visceral (abdominal) fat.


Unlike some weight-loss products, Chitoglucan® does not interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals and has been proven to be highly safe.

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Morinaga B-3®

Morinaga B-3® is a well-studied genus of beneficial bacteria — Bifidobacterium breve — that naturally inhabits the human gut. Bifidobacterium needs to be supplemented because levels decrease as we age.

Supported by clinical research, Morinaga B-3® has been proven to promote weight loss, help reduce visceral body fat, and improve total cholesterol, glucose, and insulin levels.

A recent placebo-controlled human clinical study, which followed subjects for 12 weeks, showed that Morinaga B-3®:

  • Promotes weight loss after 12 weeks of supplementation compared to baseline*
  • Reduces body fat after 12 weeks of supplementation compared to baseline and placebo*
  • Supports healthy liver function*

Morinaga B-3®

In human clinical research, it has been proven to be highly safe with no serious adverse effects.

Morinaga B-3® is suited for weight support, cardiovascular health and glucose health.

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Winner of the Natural Products Expo West NutrAward for Best New Ingredient in 2008 and the SupplySide West Scientific Excellence Award in 2011, Oligonol® is a patented, low-molecular-weight polyphenolic extract primarily derived from lychee fruit.

Multiple clinical studies have proven its effectiveness in supporting healthy blood glucose and lipid levels, reducing visceral fat, lessening wrinkles and brown spots, and helping to decrease fatigue while improving endurance. In multiple safety studies, Oligonol® was found to be highly safe.

While other supplements may not be fully absorbed, Oligonol’s low molecular weight makes it highly bioavailable.

Oligonol® has been clinically shown to:

  • Support post-meal blood glucose and lipid levels already in a healthy range*
  • Help reduce visceral fat*
  • Help decrease fatigue and support endurance*
  • Because of its effect on circulation and oxidation, Oligonol may also promote cardiovascular health*

Oligonol® Weight Loss Chart

Oligonol® is perfectly suited for weight management, endurance, recovery, energy, blood circulation, heart health, glucose management, immune support, anti-aging, skin support and anti-aging applications.

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