EubioQuercetin™: Taking Quercetin to the Next Level
EubioQuercetin™: Taking Quercetin to the Next Level

While quercetin is a healthy plant flavonol from the flavonoid group of polyphenols found in many fruits and vegetables, there’s one problem with conventional quercetin ingredients — they are poorly absorbed and, thus require manufacturers to include quercetin at doses as high as 1,000 mg.

Thanks to a new partnership between Maypro and Japan-based Alps Pharmaceuticals, Maypro is able to offer EubioQuercetin™, a highly absorbable formulation of quercetin that is 6,500 times more water-soluble than conventional, commercially available quercetin.* EubioQuercetin was developed through a proprietary technology that optimizes 100% of the natural quercetin found in plants, including a unique non-digestible oligosaccharide, rutinose.


EubioQuercetin releases quercetin and rutinose in the colon and, in this way, contributes to overall health and microbiome support by tapping into the brain-gut connection through the prebiotic effect of rutinose.*

Intestinal balance supports serotonin release. In addition, natural quercetin increases serotonin secretion*† and, interestingly, over 95% of serotonin, is produced in the large intestine, not the brain. Therefore, increased serotonin supports a healthy mood.

Quercetin naturally inhibits the digestion of fat/carbs by the enzyme lipase in the pancreatic juice (pH = 7-8). However, since EubioQuercetin is very water-soluble, it can inhibit this reaction more efficiently than insoluble quercetin.*

EubioQuercetin significantly suppresses reactive oxygen species (ROS) better than standard quercetin. In an aqueous solution, EubioQuercetin had an ORAC score 1,300 times greater than conventional quercetin, making it a healthy aging ingredient as well.

EubioQuercetin — It’s All About Absorption


Natural quercetin, found in fruits and vegetables, is fully absorbed by the body and contributes to good health, but it is necessary to take large daily doses of commercial quercetin because it is not in the natural form, and so its absorption rate in the body is very low. In addition, there are unfortunately artificial quercetin products on the market that have been enzymatically treated to increase absorption.

Manufacturers that include EubioQuercetin in their formulations, on the other hand, can formulate with a daily dose as low as 125 mg for natural efficacy in these same formulations.*

Without a doubt, supplements should be safe, unprocessed, available in their natural state, and contained in fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, there is natural EubioQuercetin available, which checks all of these boxes.

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