Bilberry is one of the top-selling herbs in the United States, which is not surprising given its well-deserved reputation for supporting eye health.*
It is, unfortunately, also one of the most adulterated. Given the global demand for this premium wild-harvested berry, bilberry supplies are rife with economic adulteration.
Unethical suppliers falsely represent many of the following ingredients as “bilberry”: elderberry, mulberry, Red Dye No. 2, charcoal, black soybean hull, black rice, and many others.
According to some sources, “Most of this adulteration is intentional, and not an accident based on poor or inadequate use of quality control techniques.”

In fact, Bilberon has been the subject of five original published studies — including two human clinical trials showing it alleviates eye fatigue, improves eye dryness, and helps maintain clear, focused vision.*
In addition to vision-health products, formulators and manufacturers often include Bilberon in a number of other applications, including — but not limited to — anti-aging, beauty, heart health, and more.

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