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Bottom line is this: Supplement ingredients are only good as how well they’re absorbed.

With that fact in mind, our MicroActive® ingredients (such as CoQ10) are micronized and encapsulated to uniformly improve absorption and provide sustained-release and our Sucrosomial® Minerals (such as Magnesium) were developed to enhance mineral absorption through a unique technology that allows for better absorption and improved bioavailability.

Read on to find out how your formula can gain an advantage over the competition.

MicroActive CoQ10

Sustained Release Superior Absorption

CoQ10 is a vitamin-like, fat-soluble substance found in the mitochondria of almost all the cells in the body. It is used in the electron transport chain, a process of aerobic cellular respiration that generates 90 to 95% of the energy used by the body; it’s also a powerful antioxidant.

However, as a dietary supplement, crystalline CoQ10 is typically absorbed poorly. In fact, on average, only three percent of the consumed dose is typically absorbed. As a result, numerous forms of CoQ10 claiming enhanced bioavailability have been introduced into the market — but, with these forms, bioavailability cannot be guaranteed.

Fortunately, MicroActive® CoQ10 tackles the absorption challenge directly.*

The patented MicroActive process complexes each molecule with two ß-cyclodextrin molecules in a water medium. One side of the molecule is fat-soluble and holds the CoQ10, while the other side is water-soluble and makes for efficient transport through the digestive system.

When the micronized MicroActive complex arrives at a cell, it comes apart, depositing a single CoQ10 molecule for efficient absorption.

Supported by human clinical studies, the MicroActive CoQ10 Complex is a 26% CoQ10 free-flowing powder that is clinically proven to offer:*

  • Uniformly enhanced absorption in all users
  • 24-hour sustained release
  • 3.7x more bioavailability than crystalline CoQ10
  • Blending various ratios of MicroActive complex to crystalline CoQ10 does not affect the bioavailability of the complex
  • If taken at higher doses, claims for heart and circulatory health benefits can be made, and can provide assurance of doubling CoQ10 levels in three weeks

MicroActive CoQ10 is dairy-free, Halal, Kosher and is made in the USA.

Dairy-FreeHalalKosherMade in the USA

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Sucrosomial Magnesium

Taking Magnesium Absorption To A Whole New Level

Sucrosomial® minerals enhance mineral absorption through a unique technology in which a mineral is conveyed into a liposomal-like structure made up of a phospholipid and a sucrose ester of fatty acids (sucresters), called a sucrosome.

The sucresters act as emulsifiers, surrounding the liposomal-like structure that encapsulates the microelement, in this way increasing its absorption and bioavailability.

Several laboratory and animal tests have shown that the sucrose esters of fatty acids utilized in sucrosomial technology are effective vehicles for improving solubility, dissolution, absorption and bioavailability.

Sucrosomial® Magnesium is a highly bioavailable sucrosomial complex of magnesium oxide that provides 32 percent elemental magnesium. Because the magnesium is encapsulated, its absorption is not impacted by the presence of other nutrients, unlike regular forms of magnesium.*

In fact, a head-to-head test demonstrated that Sucrosomial Magnesium had faster absorption and 20 percent higher bioavailability than magnesium citrate, one of the most bioavailable forms of magnesium on the market.*

Plus, because the magnesium does not interact with the intestinal mucosa, Sucrosomial Magnesium is also free of common side effects such as nausea and diarrhea.* Palatability is also improved because the sensitive mucous membranes of the mouth never come into direct contact with the mineral.

Sucrosomial Magnesium is gluten-free and is especially well suited for bone, cardiovascular, energy and immune-support formulations.

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Sniffle Season Has Met Its Match

European elder (nigra, Caprifoliaceae), also known as black elder and elderberry, is a deciduous tree native to Europe, northern Africa and western Asia. The word elder is derived from the Anglo-Saxon word æld, meaning “fire,” because you can start a fire by blowing through its young, hollow branches.

The use of elder as a healing agent dates back to ancient times, according to the writings of Hippocrates (470-410 BC), Pliny the Elder (23-79 AD), and Dioscorides (40-90 AD). Both the elder flower and berry are used for health applications, the most prominent of which is for naturally boosting immunity* — but elderberry also offers help for digestion*, a little-known side benefit.

Elderberry from Maypro is offered as a high-quality, organic 10:1 extract.

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