With performance nutrition supplement sales up almost 37%[1], conferences like the 20th annual International Society for Sports Nutrition (ISSN) gathering are attracting more interest than ever.

The 38+ presentations at ISSN covered a wide range of topics, including, among many others:

  • The Hultman-Harris Keynote Address by NPA President, Dr. Daniel Fabricant
  • An Insider’s Look at the Supplement Industry
  • Nutrition Considerations for Female Athletes
  • Bone Health
  • Protein for Active Populations
  • Nutrition Strategies to Maximize Mitochondrial Performance

4 Key Takeaways

Sports Nutrition is now Performance Nutrition

It has become evident that sports nutrition is no longer just for athletes. The category now includes those with active lifestyles and the weekend warriors who are looking to remain generally fit and perform well when occasion calls.

To caffeinate or not to caffeinate

Pre-workouts are designed to give consumers that extra boost right before an intense workout. Can a caffeine-free pre-workout deliver? The science is conflicting and so is consumer opinion. Some researchers and consumers say non-stim works and formulas with clinically-proven ingredients in the proper dosages are the key. Others say there is no substitute for caffeine’s acute efficacy. We expect the research and product development debate to continue.

Clinically substantiated ingredients matter

The importance of formulating with science-backed ingredients was discussed in the conference and on display at Maypro’s booth which featured products containing three sports nutrition ingredients– PurpleForce®, Oligonol® and VasoDrive-AP®– all of which boast human clinical substantiation.

Leading products are leaning heavily on formulas with these three ingredients for optimal results:

Wanted: Cross-functional products

Nutrition strategies for both Healthy Aging and Beauty from Within were discussed in conjunction with athletic performance. From mitochondrial support for energy and cellular health to collagen and proteoglycans for youthful skin and joint health, brands continue to explore offering cross-functional products for the growing and evolving performance-nutrition segment.

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[1] According to Spins 2023 report