We hope our community is making their mental and physical health a top priority!

While we have collectively shifted to working remotely, challenges have followed during this transition. Whether its outside distractions, adopting a new routine, or finding the best Zoom background, how are you managing your stressors? 

At Maypro, we believe health and happiness are linked. To help you excel in your day-to-day tasks, here are some helpful tips to help maintain your health and a positive attitude while crushing your work goals! 

1) Start your day
off on the right foot! 

The morning is the best time to put yourself in a productive frame of mind. While it's easy to stay in your pajamas, changing your outfit can help your brain switch from sleep mode to work mode. Treat yourself to some quiet time and a hearty breakfast, it goes a long way! 

2) Schedule breaks for yourself.

As your brain is problem-solving and taking in new information, it is essential to give yourself room to digest the work you just completed. Taking a 15-minute break will do wonders for improving the quality of your work!   

3) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

Not only will consuming adequate amounts of water improve your immune system, but it will help keep your energy levels up! 

4) Designate your work area. 

Set aside a space where you consciously switch from being at home to going to work. A tidy desk and comfortable chair will do the trick. Your workspace is where you can be your most successful self! 


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You can achieve career success, become financially stable, and even be surrounded by loving friends and family — but if you don't have your health, how can you fully enjoy all of that?