Researchers from the University of California-Davis are calling pandemic-related sleep issues “coronasommnia.”

They’re basing this on a recent study that was published in the journal Sleep (2) which suggests that COVID-19 may be causing a “second pandemic” of insomnia due to stress.

So it’s no surprise that natural support for sleep and stress would be welcome news for manufacturers that are developing products to help consumers during these challenging times.


It’s also no surprise that Venetron® is attracting so much attention right now.

Derived from a patented, purified, powdered extract of Apocynum venetum, Venetron® is a dietary ingredient (known as Luobuma in Traditional Chinese Medicine) that has great potential to improve mood.*

Plus, Venetron doesn’t impact the CYP3A pathway, unlike St. John’s wort, and is more effective at a lower dose (50 mg per day).

Its stress-combating, mood-supporting and sleep-enhancing benefits stem from its mechanism of action, which involves reducing secretion of chromogranic A, a stress marker, and increasing serotonin levels, in this way supporting a positive outlook.*

Backed by several placebo-controlled human clinical trials — standardized to contain at least 4% hyperoside and isoquercitrin — Venetron is dairy-free, non-GMO, GRAS, and Kosher.

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Oryza sativa L., more commonly known as Gamma Oryzanol, was first introduced to the market through extraction and purification processes in the mid-1950s. While Gamma Oryzanol is generally extracted from rice bran oil, there are also other suitable alternatives like wheat, fruit, and vegetable bran. In particular, rice bran oil is extracted from the kernels and seeds from rice plants which contain substantial amounts of Gamma Oryzanol and antioxidant compounds. This material has demonstrated to possess various benefits. Most prominently, Gamma Oryzanol has been classified as possibly effective for decreasing abnormal cholesterol levels or dyslipidemia.* This is likely due to Gamma Oryzanol's ability to reduce cholesterol absorption from foods.

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