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Professional athletes and savvy fitness consumers are looking for better ways to enhance their hard work in the gym. That’s why formulators come to Maypro. With over 20 clinically-backed ingredients in the Sports Nutrition category, Maypro provides formulators with the ingredients they need to build best-in-class products.

Here are four ingredients you need to know…

Maypro Sports Nutrition VasoDrive-AP®

One of the most researched tripeptides for cardiovascular health, VasoDrive-AP® is said to improve arterial flexibility by increasing the production of endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) and inhibiting enzymes that lead to the constriction of blood vessels.

Research shows that VasoDrive-AP may improve recovery and help sustain endothelial function throughout training cycles.

Research shows that VasoDrive-AP supplementation also contributes to the following benefits*:

  • Supports healthy glucose utilization
  • Supports cerebral blood flow and cognitive function
  • Reduces muscle soreness after high-intensity exercise
  • Reduces mild exercise-related fatigue

Optimize your Sports Nutrition formula with VasoDrive-AP. VasoDrive-AP is FDA GRAS and Informed Choice Sports Certified.

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Maypro Sports Nutrition Oligonol®

Everyday, millions of athletes and gym goers across the world think, how can I take my training to the next level?

Oligonol® is an all-natural sports nutrition ingredient. Derived from the lychee fruit, it works to greatly enhance circulation, which improves the skin, heart, and energy levels. Oligonol can help maintain a healthy weight, increase metabolism, reduce the effects of heat stress and fatigue, and increase endurance.

While the effects from other supplement ingredients can take time to activate and may not be fully absorbed, Oligonol's low molecular weight means it can be easily absorbed and quickly used throughout the body.

If you’re looking to take your formula to the next level, look no further than Oligonol.

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Maypro Sports Nutrition PurpleForce®

PurpleForce is an all-natural, Kenyan purple tea extract that works to improve exercise performance, reduce fatigue, and help maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. Purple tea is rich in functional ingredients and polyphenolic compounds such as GHG® which helps inhibit lipid and fat absorption while also boosting fat metabolism. It also works to activate AMPK, an enzyme involved in the homeostasis of the energy cell, promoting energy levels and glucose absorption in the skeletal muscle.

Clinically researched benefits include*:

  • Promotes improvement in fat metabolism
  • Inhibits lipid absorption and fat accumulation
  • Relaxes vascular smooth-muscle to improve post-workout recovery
  • Helps improve endurance and reduce overall muscle fatigue
  • Promotes stronger desire to exercise and increased energy levels

Functional Effect of Purple Tea Extract

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Maypro Sports Nutrition Creatine

An amino acid primarily located in your body's muscles as well as in the brain, creatine is created by the liver, pancreas and kidneys. However, the human body can only make about 1 gram of creatine per day with a diet that includes seafood and red meat. That's where creatine supplementation comes in.

Studies have shown that creatine supplements may benefit athletes who need short bursts of speed or increased muscle strength, such as sprinters, weight lifters and team sport athletes.

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New Maypro Warehouse

New Warehouse

Maypro has expanded its east coast warehousing capabilities. The new state of the art warehouse located in Port Chester, New York provides almost 6,000 square feet of temperature-controlled ingredient storage space.



Man doing cardio excercise with battle ropes

Healthgevity Launches Cardio NAD+

Launches: 1/23/2023

There is another exciting product launch from the longevity specialists at Healthgevity whose products are formulated with the latest research and feature ingredients backed by clinical studies that demonstrate effectiveness to promote regeneration and repair in humans. Healthgevity’s Cardio NAD+ is a state-of-the-art solution featuring Maypro’s AmealPeptide and other novel ingredients to help optimize cardiovascular health. Cardio NAD+ will be available at and through professional healthcare practices.


Professional cyclist consuming sports drink

AstroFlav’s A-PUMP Delivers

Launches 1/26/2023

AstroFlav has reformulated A-Pump to include two of Maypro’s leading sports nutrition ingredients: VasoDrive-AP and, now, PurpleForce. A-Pump's superior formula is designed to increase nitric oxide levels, support the cardiovascular system, reduce muscle soreness, and increase performance during intense training sessions. A-Pump’s new formula will be available on the AstroFlav website and through select retailers nationwide.


Healthy ageing man

Gundry MD Introduces Vital Roots

Launches: March 2023

Vital Roots provides consumers with a daily capsule of age-fighting plant roots that support your body's SIRT1 gene — the "longevity molecule" that helps you feel youthful, energetic, and strong at any age. This synergistic formula contains 10 unique root extracts from plants that grow in different environments around the world. Key to this formula is Maypro’s clinically-researched Sirtmax derived from the rhizome of black turmeric. Consumers will be able to purchase Vital Roots at the Gundry MD website.


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