Tradeshow Trends

Industry members recently came back from Expo West and SupplySide East, where many of the most important industry and ingredient trends are showcased. Here are the top 6 trends to watch for:

1.   Immune health

2.   Cognitive health / nootropics

3.   Weight-management

4.   Beauty-from-within

5.   Non-stimulant sports performance ingredients

6.   Vitamins and minerals


The Power to Deliver: Avoid Supply-Chain Disruptions

Maypro is one of the world’s largest suppliers of nutraceutical and functional ingredients. With strategically located companies in the U.S., Japan and China and a global staff of over 100, we also serve Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and more.

With size and reach come power — the power to maintain and tap into fully-stocked inventories; the power to provide consistent lead times; the power to draw on a range of sourcing options; the power of unparalleled relationships with partners across the globe; the power of U.S. storage — in short, the power to deliver.


Killer Immune Health Formulas Need An Arsenal of Science-Backed Ingredients

Leading the industry’s immune-support category is Maypro flagship, AHCC®, our ultra-low-molecular-weight, alpha-glucan-rich, mushroom mycelia extract that’s backed by 100 studies, including 50 listed on PubMed. A NutrAward winner, AHCC is clinically shown to support the function of natural killer (NK) cells and white blood cells.*

Other Maypro powerhouses include our immunobiotic, L-92®, a patented sterilized lactic acid bacteria that is clinically researched to support a healthy response to seasonal allergens. It is Non-GMO Project Verified and is a NutrAward winner.


Make Your Cognitive Health Formulations Even Smarter

Cognitive-health-supporting nootropics is one of Maypro’s specialties.

Our ETAS® asparagus extract improves sleep quality and reduces stress by stimulating the production of Heat Shock Protein (HSP70), which is responsible for repairing cellular damage — it also supports improved cognitive function.*

And our NeuroHD® — the first complete non-synthetic histidine dipeptide complex — exhibits efficacy against cognitive decline in people with mild cognitive impairment and has been shown to improve memory via preservation of brain blood flow.*


Tackle Weighty Problems With Maypro PBIs

A new variety of Camellia sinensis, Alluvia® Purple Tea Extract was developed by the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya after 25 years of crossbreeding.

The polyphenols in Alluvia work to inhibit pancreatic lipase, reducing fat absorption and improving fat metabolism.*

In human clinical trials, Alluvia was also shown to support healthy weight loss, decrease BMI, reduce body fat mass, and improve overall body composition.* 


Beauty — It Begins From Within

Manufacturers looking for superior beauty-from-within ingredients can be relieved to know that Maypro proudly offers Florabella®, a proprietary beauty-from-within supplement extract of Sakura that was shown — in a double-blind, placebo-controlled, clinical study of 20 women aged 30 to 50 — to offer the following benefits:

  • Maintains skin elasticity*
  • Reduces skin moisture loss*
  • Increases skin smoothness*
  • Reduces pore size*
  • Evens complexion, minimizing the appearance of brown spots and wrinkles*


HydroPeach® is a natural ceramide derived from Japanese peaches which helps promote smooth and radiant skin. In fact, research indicates that HydroPeach can effectively restore epidermal moisture and improve dry and rough skin.

Research shows that participants who supplemented with it for 20 days experienced better skin texture compared to those who did not. Peach ceramide was found to strengthen skin permeability and allow more moisture to be absorbed by the skin.

Juvecol® is a high-quality, purified and patented proteoglycan extract that’s derived from the cartilage of wild-caught salmon — proteoglycans are a component of connective tissues, such as bone, cartilage and skin.

Clinical research studies on salmon cartilage proteoglycans (sPGs) have been uncovering benefits relating to skin health.*

In a gold-standard study, researchers found that sPGs improved multiple markers of skin health associated with skin moisture, elasticity and appearance.


Get Pumped Without Getting Jacked

Non-stimulating sports performance has entered a new age, and perhaps nowhere is this more true than with PBIs from Maypro.

PurpleForce® is an all-natural, Kenyan purple tea extract that improves
exercise performance, reduces fatigue, and helps maintain a healthy and
active lifestyle.*

Purple tea is rich in functional ingredients and polyphenolic compounds
such as GHG®, which helps inhibit lipid and fat absorption while also
boosting fat metabolism.*

It also works to activate AMPK, an enzyme that increases energy levels
and glucose absorption in the skeletal muscle.*

RedNite® provides a standardized source of beetroot nitrate that safely Improves muscle performance and force production. 

Vaso-Drive-AP® is a safer nitric oxide product that lasts. It supports maximal circulation while improving recovery and sustaining endothelial function throughout training cycles.*


Formulate With Unique Vitamins and Minerals

While some other suppliers offer low-quality vitamins and minerals, Maypro pays attention to both absorption and tolerability.

For example, our Sucrosomial® Magnesium (microencapsulated magnesium oxide): is 4x more bioavailable than magnesium citrate and bisglycinate; contains 32% elemental magnesium oxide; offers high tolerability and taste; does not interfere with other nutrients.


To learn more about Maypro’s powerful portfolio of on-trend proprietary branded ingredients and quality commodity ingredients, reach out to your Maypro representative.