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In 2022, we saw a return to in-person industry events, including Natural Products Expo West, the NBJ Summit, and Supply Side West, with some shows offering virtual components for remote attendees.

According to Elizabeth Crawford at FoodNavigator, after an initial sales growth spike of 10% in 2020, sales growth declined to 7.7% in 2021, was expected to hit 6% for 2022 and then drop to 4% in 2023, before slowly climbing to 5% in 2024. Growth is forecasted for the near future.

Several category trends stood out in 2022, including sleep, stress, mood, gut health, vegan, beauty from within, immunity, women’s health, healthy aging, pets and sports nutrition—with e-sports attracting a great deal of interest relating to ingredients and finished products that support vision, reaction time and concentration.

While costs to transport materials have stabilized, the price ceiling for certain ingredients has skyrocketed by as much as 1,500 percent or more, which has led some manufacturers to adjust their formulations and even temporarily drop some products.

2022 also gave us reasons to celebrate. Maypro marked its 45th Anniversary in September. We were also thrilled to see ETAS® win “Ingredient Idol” in the Brain Health category at SupplySide West!

As we approach 2023, let’s re-cap 2022’s most popular proprietary and commodity ingredients:

Top Proprietary and Branded Ingredients of 2022

Healthy Middle Aged Man

Healthy Aging:

Woman feeling good from inside out

Beauty From Within:

Woman sound asleep


Woman getting a relaxing massage spa


Person forming a heart sign using hands on top of belly

Gut Health:
Nutiani™ HN019

Group of professional gamers


A mountain biker stopping for rehydration

Sports Nutrition:

Silhoutte of a man and dog


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Top Commodities of 2022

Running man with healthy cardio


Powderized substance used as ingredient


Woman feeling beautiful from within


Aged man with really nice physique


Aged people with healthy joints


Make-up set


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New Research Announced in 2022

Close up of human eye


Sirtmax patent for dry eye: Maypro Announces New Patent for Sirtmax Black Turmeric Ingredient for Aiding Dry Eye.

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Playing computer games


Bilberon® patent for neck and shoulder stiffness: Bilberon Bilberry Extract Receives U.S. Patent For Eye Strain, Neck/Shoulder Pain.

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Scientist looking through a microscope


AHCC® Phase II human clinical trial

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