Trend Report SSW 2023
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In case you missed it, this year's SupplySide West at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center hosted more than 1,400 exhibitors, up 27% from 2022, with the international presence of 44 countries including Canada, Germany, China, India among many others. In addition, attendance was up over 14%.

Exhibitors showcased the latest developments in ingredients, formulation, manufacturing and packaging covering categories including dietary supplements, food, beverage, personal care and animal nutrition.

Maypro's team gathered insights on the state of the industry from colleagues, customers, seminars and thought leaders.

Here's our quick-take on the latest trends from SupplySide West.

Top Categories SSW 2023

If you’ve been reading NBJ and SPINS market reports, there will be few surprises here. The trifecta of Sleep, Mood and Stress continues to loom large for U.S. brands and consumers. 2023 proved to a good year for sleep ingredients. For Sleep, both MicroActive® Melatonin for its high bioavailability sustained release technology with no morning fatigue and Venetron® as a melatonin-alternative were among Maypro’s most popular ingredients. We were proud to launch Sanwa GABA for Stress and Mood Support at SupplySide West. It joins ETAS ®, the 2022 Ingredient Idol winner for Cognitive Health and Cannabid-ALL ™-- the first full spectrum CBDA ingredient for mood support.

In Women’s Health, watch for a new Venetron study to publish on the benefits for PMS-support. Backed by clinical studies, Nutiani HN001™ has been shown to promote women’s health and offer post-natal mood support.

In Sports Nutrition, Maypro offers endurance driving Oligonol® rich in polyphenolic compounds; energy boosting PurpleForce® with glucose absorption in skeletal muscle; endothelial function sustaining VasoDrive-AP® for better performance and faster recovery; and bioactive antioxidant-rich Rednite® with 25x more nitrate and 10x more antioxidants than beetroots.

We’re happy to offer clinically substantiated ingredients for natural Weight Support: Alluvia® Purple Tea, Chitoglucan® and Morinaga B-3™.

Category to Watch: Healthy Aging. This continues to be an important category with significant development and innovation. Maypro offers a wide range of ingredients that serve this category including Juvecol®, MicroActive® CoQ10, MicroActive® Curcumin, MicroPQQ®, Sirtmax® — and the newly launched Mesoporosil® and EubioQuercetin!

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Top Ingredients SSW 2023

While functional ingredients such as MCT, CoQ10, curcumin and creatine will always be in demand, brands increasingly look for unique ingredients that can differentiate their formulas. This may be precisely why customers turn to Maypro’s ingredients time and again. Maypro can supply the functional ingredients you want with the science-backed Proprietary and Branded Ingredients you need, making us a great formulation partner.

The Mushroom boom goes on. Maypro offers AHCC® for clinically substantiated immune support, Chitoglucan® for weight support and Champex® for odor reduction and detoxification.

The benefits of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics continue to be an exciting area for researchers and formulators. You can visit our website to discover our portfolio of probiotics and postbiotics or click here to request a copy of our new brochure available in January 2024.

The market is increasingly asking for plant-based alternatives to collagen and gelatin and well as more bioavailable ingredients like our line of MicroActive® ingredients that are encapsulated for better absorption and sustained release to create a measurably more effective ingredient.

Melatonin remains the king of sleep support. MicroActive® Melatonin was Maypro's top sleep ingredient in 2023, but as the hunt for melatonin alternatives intensifies, ingredients like Venetron® and ETAS® provide clinically-supported promise.

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Top Delivery Formats SSW 2023

While capsules still dominate the supplement market, there are other contenders who continue to gain popularity.

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Will Performance Nutrition Continue to Win in 2024?

Performance Nutrition

Maypro was a proud sponsor of the SupplySide West seminar, Sports Nutrition Quits the Gym and Goes Mainstream. With numerous experts shedding light on the category and new developments, here are our top six takeaways for 2024.

  1. There is Category Growth: Sports Nutrition saw over 10% growth in 2022. The category has an estimated CAGR of about 9% through 2026.
  2. Top Points of Purchase: Natural and Specialty Retail stores lead the sales channel at roughly 39% followed by e-commerce sites at almost 31%.
  3. Leading Delivery Formats: 50% of consumers prefer RTD hydration with stick packs and powders tied for 20% each of the market share.
  4. 8 Functional Ingredients in Demand: Creatine, Whey Protein, Plant Protein, Astaxanthin, Beta-alanine, Beet Root, Carbohydrates and Caffeine
  5. 3 Science-Backed Performance Ingredients to Watch: VasoDrive-AP, PurpleForce, and Oligonol
  6. 3 Science-Backed Active Nutrition Ingredients to Watch: AppleActiv DAPP, Juvecol, and Rednite
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